mac performance

  1. hotwings

    MAC Performance 6" Blackfly Build

    Following up on my last build of the 4" Blackfly from Mike, I've just started a 6" Build. I'm building this with a no-expense-spared attitude, and my aim is to methodically hone in my build skills, and at the end, have a durable airframe I can fly lots... Well, that is the plan! Let's see how it...
  2. hotwings

    MAC Performance 4" Blackfly Build - TRA Level 1 Attempt

    Hello!! New member to the forum. Getting back into rocketry after a long hiatus with a Level 1 Cert Attempt. My goal date is a certification attempt on December 19th (contingent on weather, building, etc.) , with a 1G 54mm CTI I218. I chose to build a MAC Performance 4" Blackfly, with the...
  3. Brian-Tampa

    MAC Black Fly

    Hello, I was thinking of purchasing a 4" Black Fly kit from MAC Performance. Their site does not have the correct RockSim file for this rocket in the 4" version. (.rkt file format) They do have the file for the 3" version which I downloaded and loaded into RockSim. The file is showing .33 margin...
  4. mpitfield

    MAC - BlackFly

    Welcome to the MAC BlackFly Gallery. This gallery showcases the MAC BlackFly and those rockets derived from it. Particularly appropriate in this thread are the following: MAC: BlackFly 54mm MAC: BlackFly 3" MAC: BlackFly 4" MAC: BlackFly 6" as well as any upscales, downscales, clones...