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  1. S

    Canada - Controlled Airspace above 700 ft?

    Hello all! New member based in Vancouver, Canada, and I'm just getting started in rocketry. I ordered my first kit last week and I want to make sure I do everything by the book. Most safety guidelines make perfect sense to me, but I find myself receiving mixed information regarding an altitude...
  2. Spitfire222

    Estes Xtreme Build Thread

    I picked up two of these kits from AC Supply, and I figured I'd do a quick build thread for this new rocket so others can see what the kit is like. There's nothing too special about this kit, it's basically a Hi-Flier, but for once I'm going to (mostly) build this one stock! I'll probably...
  3. lowga

    Estes Ghost Chaser

    Wanted to share some praise for the Estes Ghost Chaser Rocket. This is a relatively new kit from Estes, designed for first-time flyers. It features snap-together construction and quick assembly. Pictures don't really do it justice. In person, it's a very attractive rocket and larger than you...
  4. DaugerDude

    7-Second Coasting is Not Enough - Need a D12-14 motor...

    My multistage LPRs I've custom-designed to use D motors are getting great altitude, like 1830+ feet on a single D12-7 and 2900+ feet on two-stages D12-0,D12-7, measured using a Jolly Logic AltimeterThree. On my next opportunity I'm launching 3 stages. I'm exploring what's possible just with D...
  5. lowga

    SBR New LPR Kits (Lil Honest John )

    Great news for fans of America's first nuclear-capable missile: Scott Binder not only upgraded his 4/5.5" Honest John kit with a even more detailed nose cone, he also created a new line of 18mm low-power kits that mirror his larger models. Among these is the "Lil Honest John" and the detailing...
  6. CKaul04

    Quest Tomahawk Cruise Missile

    Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a Quest Tomahawk Cruise Missile model rocket or have a link to the instructions and fin drawings so I can build it my self? Oh. and the decals Thanks, Colin
  7. CKaul04

    Upper LP Michigan Rocket Club Interest?

    Is there anyone who would be interested in starting a rocket club in the upper LP(lower Penisula). I live 2 hrs from every other club in MI. I have a bunch of equipment for launches!
  8. CKaul04

    How Can I get free Rocket stuff?

    Like many people, I am cheap, and not shy to admit it, so when it comes to my passion(rockets) how can I get free stuff ranging from kits, motors, and nose cones, all the way to engine hooks and centering rings? Thanks, Colin
  9. Alan R

    Oops! I launched my tiki drink!

    Wow. Finally mostly done. Only thing left is launch lugs and see how it flies. This is the scratch built section, so .. everything was scratch built except for a BT20 motor tube, engine clip and launch lugs. Maybe a few teaser posts before you get to see the whole thing? Let's start with...
  10. B

    Beyond glue fillets

    I’m starting to move from low-power to mid-power. I’m also trying to make my low-power rockets (mostly exotic space-themed) more professional. Lastly I want my scale models to look clean. Is Rocketpoxy too much for lpr and mpr fin fillets? Is there a step beyond wood glue or elmer’s I should...
  11. Luzwingnut

    ESTES PATRIOT (#2056) Motor Upgrade

    NEED some ideas!! Seeking to UPGRADE a stock (and as yet UNBUILT) Estes Patriot to use BOTH the stock 18mm motors AND 24mm motors (bigger C's, D's, and maybe E's). a.) Have read that Estes rocket power recommendations are conservative. b.) Wish to LEARN the various techniques required for the...
  12. A

    Estes Redstone Build: Tips? Tricks?

    Got a Redstone kit for xmas and I'm looking forward to putting it together. Anything to do or to avoid to make the kit better? It says it'll do 200' on a C motor. That's...awfully low. Is that accurate? If it *is*, that's actually kinda good - I have a fairly small flying field. Does it take...
  13. kevindcornwell

    Military Base Launches

    There is a particular Military Base (Bradshaw AAF) that I would like to approach to see about doing either an annual or semi-annual HPR Launch Day(s). The airspace is restricted (of course). I think (that's probably dangerous) that the FAA is not involved since it is an MOA. I need some guidance...
  14. Alan R

    Estes Naboo found buried in a box

    Was cleaning out a box in the back room marked "Space Toys" and came across this old Naboo. I know I've had it for years, what I didn't realize was that it was actually a flying rocket. I have lots of space toys, I don't always pay attention. Pretty sure this was purchased at Goodwill and gifted...