low power

  1. S

    1300m with 150g black powder

    Hi, my name is Finn I want to build a rocket that flies over 1300m with only 150g black powder. How do I build this rocket. Thanks in advance
  2. RalPh8

    Low power dual deploy

    I know it's been done before. I also know it's not ideal due to lack of body tube thickness. That said, is there a descent kit or at least one that is more recommendable than the others for low power dual deploy? Looking to use C or D. Not using JLCR. I only wanna use black powder. I...
  3. Low power rack.jpeg

    Low power rack.jpeg

    Low Power Launch Rack
  4. Chuck D12

    Chuck D12

    Chuck Haislip's 3D printed rocket on a D12. Sections were gently friction fitted with a shock cord from the fin section to the nose cone. The attachment tabs...
  5. Oscar G.

    Anybody Have Altitudes for Estes Alpha?

    Hey there everyone, I'm looking for an altitude chart of how high the estes alpha will fly (assuming no wind) On different estes motors. I'm trying to get as close to 240 ft as possible on an estes single use motor, and I have no idea which one to use. I know it's random, but here it is. Thanks!
  6. B

    Kits vs plans for Nike Hercules?

    I’ve seen plans for sale and some scratch built Hercules. I’ve not seen a LPR version of a Nike Hercules kit. Is there any particular reason for this? I’m not above scratch building but I am lazy enough to prefer a good kit. Is there any hope of seeing one?
  7. DaveW6DPS

    Arduino Continuity Circuit and Low Power Launcher

    I just happened to be working on project to build with my 4H group, when I saw this "Ultimate Arduino Challenge". Since I have the basics roughed out, I thought it was worth an entry. A few parts to procure, and we can build it. I am having the kids do the Arduino sketch, and will add it when...