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  1. A-N-D-R-E-W

    Sold Loki 54/2800, Loki 38/1200, Loki 38/480, RRC2+, 54mm Fly Away

    Closet clean out continues. All prices are shipped. Venmo/Paypal preferred, friends & family or G&S but at 3.5% for fees. 1. [SOLD Gambler 2 $182 $150 shipped] Loki 54/2800 with standard bulkhead, no nozzle. (Some anodized wear on bulkhead) 2. [SOLD swfa $163 $130 shipped] Loki 38/1200 with...
  2. P

    Aero Pack minimum diameter retainers

    I am planning to build a minimum diameter 38mm rocket, using the Aero Pack minimum diameter motor retainers. I am planning to fly Loki Research motors in it. However, I have ran into a problem: the Aero Pack retainers have a 5/16-18 threaded bolt, but Loki plugged bulkheads have a 1/4-20...
  3. Gary Mac

    Loki M-1378 for L3 Cert Flight

    Any reasons why I shouldn't be looking at using a Loki M-1378 for my L3 cert flight? I understand it's a relatively new motor with a very high L/D ratio, so I'd enjoy hearing other's feedback on it. I like that's it's a relatively small impulse/high thrust design and also, after the L3 cert is...
  4. Gary Mac

    Found WTB Loki 54/4000 Motor Case

    I'm looking to buy a Loki 54/4000 motor case. I'm mainly using it as an assembly jig/fit check while I'm building the airframe for now (I'm trying to "perfectly" align two separate 54mm motor mount tube sections in the middle of a larger airframe). I don't necessarily need a grain to go with...