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  1. Renaissance Man

    Help with the Photon (LOC/Precision)

    I am starting on my first ever non-Estes build. I went with the Photon (mostly because of the looks). I know this is an extremely basic build/instruction - but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the directions (see attached photo) are talking about with regards to the yellow cord and...
  2. deadalus52

    3D printed fin "mounts" in a level 3 cert rocket

    I'm in the design phase of my level 3 certification. The base airframe will be a LOC Bruiser EXP. Unfortunately, I think my kit was a mixed bag between versions which means my fin situation looks like this: This obviously isn't ideal. Now, I do have a 3D printer, and the obvious solution to me...
  3. Alan R

    LOC 4" Micro-Magg .ork file

    I needed to sim some motors, and I couldn't find the 4" Magg file anywhere. This is down-scaled from the widely-available 5.5" Mini Magg. Most components from the DB. Some measurements are from my own rocket. The rest are just a guess. Posted here cause someone else might want this someday.
  4. nickrulercreator

    Dual Deployment Without Ejections

    Hello! The other day I posted on here about an issue with my Hyperloc835. This issue has been fixed, thanks everyone that helped (and thank you, Loc Precision). I now have another question. I'm considering changing how my dual deployment is done. The instructions call for the drogue chute to go...
  5. Mr Rocket

    Help with LOC MMA-2

    I am working on my L1, and recently got a Loc-Precision MMA-2, 38-29mm Motor Adapter. Included with the parts is a 3/4" length of 38mm motor tube. There is no mention of the part in the instructions. I assume it is to be glued to the aft end of the adapter to act as a thrust ring. However, 3/4"...