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    Nano mag
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    Nano mag
  3. S

    LOC Lil-Nuke

    Hi everyone Does anyone know where I can get a.ORK file for open rocket software for the LOC lil-Nuke
  4. TimothyAReed

    LOC Precision AMRAAM AIM 120C Build Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to document the building of a LOC Precision AMRAAM AIM 120C kit for my Level Two High Power Certification. There does not seem to be a build thread of this rocket already on the forum; I hope to fill that knowledge gap. All input/tips/tricks regarding this build are...
  5. Cameron Anderson

    Loc Precision outstanding service

    I ordered two kits from Loc last week and they arrived yesterday. Despite a sturdy box and an abundance of "fragile" stickers, Fed Ex managed to smash one end of the box, and with it, the airframe of my Terrier booster kit. I took a few pictures and sent them in an email to Loc last night. I...
  6. gldknght

    Loc/Precision Service

    I gotta give a shout out to Loc / Precision. I ordered a 4 inch Goblin and some small parts from them on Sunday, Feb 10. In spite of a small shipping address / shipping method snafu, my order showed up today. My hat is off to the guys there who helped me get things straightened out. Thank...
  7. jmuck78

    LOC Hawk 7.5'' Build Thread

    I ordered the LOC Precision 7.5'' Hawk around Thanksgiving and immediately opened the box without bothering to take pictures. I have already done a few steps, such as assembling the RNWS, but I think I can still do a build thread for the bulk of the remaining steps. I have created a sim file...