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  1. EPflyer

    LOC Deployer to 3250'

    Yesterday, I made the third flight of my LOC Deployer. The rocket has a 29mm motor mount in a 3" body tube. I am using an Eggtimer Quantum altimeter and the Eggfinder GPS in the nosecone. My intent was to get comfortable with the GPS tracker in a rocket that wouldnt go out of sight. The flight...
  2. Joe Bruce

    Advice needed on LOC Deployer ground testing

    I built a LOC Deployer (3" all-inclusive dual deploy kit) as a test vehicle for the EggTimer Quantum that I soldered, the MJG e-matches I dipped, and the charge wells I designed and printed in PETG. My real goal is full dual deployment on the LOC 5.5" Patriot I built as my NAR Level 2, but I...