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  1. M

    Sold EggTimer TRS, LCD Receiver, and LCD-GPS Module Assembled

    Long story, short.... I decided not to get my L3 so have some surplus equipment I would like to sell. Everything is basically new, batteries were charged but never used. All EggTimer stuff was sent in and tested. Would like to sell all items at once but will take offers for individual...
  2. RocketRoll

    Charger for Featherweight GPS?

    Can anyone who has a Featherweight comment on what charger they use and if this seems like a good charger? The charger on the Featherweight website does not provide a readout for current voltage and I don't see a way to use it to charge the battery to the proper long-term storage charge (~40%)...
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Can someome identify this Raven 4 component?

    Anyone know what this is on the Raven 4 and/or what it does? I bought some cheap lipo connectors and the polarity was crossed on some of them so when hooked up power for a wiring test, my e-matches blew and the piece pictured popped clean off the circuit card. I corrected the polarity and got...
  4. Cameron Anderson

    Raven 4 battery choice

    First flight with a Raven 4 and space is at a premium...manual says 3.7 lipo is okay, but I generally prefer more voltage. 7.4v lipo won't fit and 9v is impossible unless the rocket wears it as a hat. Any good or bad 3.7 Lipo Raven 4 experiences? I'm building my electronics sled right now and...
  5. Tobor

    EggFinder Sleds

    In the past I have made my own plywood sleds, but for my LOC Goblin I want to try a 3D printed sled. The issue I have run into is that no one seems to make an EggFinder sled that will easily accept a 1000mAh LiPo pack. I even tried contacting one maker of sleds, about modding one of their stock...