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  1. deadalus52

    3D printed fin "mounts" in a level 3 cert rocket

    I'm in the design phase of my level 3 certification. The base airframe will be a LOC Bruiser EXP. Unfortunately, I think my kit was a mixed bag between versions which means my fin situation looks like this: This obviously isn't ideal. Now, I do have a 3D printer, and the obvious solution to me...
  2. pendrin2020

    L3 Cert build for AirFest ... DX3 XL

    So back in April, I put up a gofundme, and after some really awesome friends and relatives threw in some cash, I picked up a Madcow DX3 XL for my birthday. The intention is to get my L3 at Airfest this year. Because of my internship this summer, a couple of NASA projects, and some medical...