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  1. 1

    Level 1Recommendations

    Hi all! I have always loved rocketry and have been part of my high schools rocketry class going on my second year. I have built multiple f motor rockets for TARC competitions last year as well as small kits using d motors. My shop teacher is wanting people in the class who have some experience...
  2. ThikeHigh

    Level 1 Certification Day

    My Level 1 Certification flight was today and it was fantastic, one of the best days in my adult life. I was really excited about the flight. I painted the fins in different colors, for the three people I lost in the last five years. My mother got a green fin with Irish orange writing. She...
  3. A

    Best choice of motor for L1 on a LOC IV?

    Hello everyone, Just ordered a LOC IV and will be attempting a Level 1 flight next month in Lucerne Lake! I want to fly it on an H motor and want to go with the safest and single-use option for this flight. I was thinking Aerotech H100W-14A but not sure if it would handle it well. Especially...
  4. M

    Level 1 Rocket Plan Advice

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this hobby and this forum. I am looking to build a rocket for my level 1 certification. A little background on me I have an engineering background and I am good with my hands. I have been reading through this forum and google on the characteristics of a good level 1...
  5. hotwings

    MAC Performance 4" Blackfly Build - TRA Level 1 Attempt

    Hello!! New member to the forum. Getting back into rocketry after a long hiatus with a Level 1 Cert Attempt. My goal date is a certification attempt on December 19th (contingent on weather, building, etc.) , with a 1G 54mm CTI I218. I chose to build a MAC Performance 4" Blackfly, with the...
  6. Ben Schultz

    Tips on finding materials to build Level 1 / 2 cert rocket.

    Hey all, this is my first post since I couldn't find anything recent / in my price range while looking around. I am in going into college next year (for Aerospace Engineering :) ) so I need to keep the cost down. I want to build the rocket from scratch so I can use it for resumes, so I just...
  7. mbeels

    Build Thread: Pemberton Technologies King Kraken for Level 1 Cert

    After considering many options for my Level 1 rocket (Zephyr? Super DX3?) I chose the King Kraken. Besides being a really great looking rocket, I liked the tube fins and it could fly on Gs at non-HP fields. But mostly it is a great looking rocket. My plan is to do my Level 1 flight at Red...
  8. Oscar S.

    Level 1 Rocket Build

    Hi! I have been doing low-power rocketry for years, but I recently got interested in doing high-power rocketry, so after reading a book and talking to very helpful people on the forum I think I have a pretty good and detailed idea of what I need to do to build my level 1 rocket. It will be my...
  9. N

    Level 1 certification

    Hi, i'm wondering if you need to use a kit for your level 1 certification or if you could build yours from scratch, also for someone who is under 18 can they sign up with an adult in charge and if so, who would be doing the exams and the building?
  10. WV8KE

    The Journey to Level 1: Madcow Patriot 2.6in

    My first attempt at Level 1 HPR certification didn't go quite as planned. I started with a Madcow Patriot 2.6 in Fiberglass kit, simulated using Open Rocket, and documented the build. Patriot rev1 Upload 1 by WV8KE posted Sep 17, 2018 at 9:17 PMPatriot rev1 Upload 2 by WV8KE posted Sep 17, 2018...