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  1. T

    CANCELLED Nov 11/12 Battlepark Launch

    UPDATE: This launch has been canceled due to a local fire ban. This weekend (Nov 11 & 12), Tripoli Central Virginia will be launching at our field in Culpeper VA. The weather is looking fantastic with low-winds and comfortable temperatures. Flyer's need to register on the website...
  2. JBoyson

    MULTIPAD - 4 Rocket Launch Pad

    This is my variation of a KLOUDBUSTERS classic low power pad. Design files include parts lists for pad and control box. Video: Designs:
  3. caraviator

    GO Tulsa Rocketry February Launch - Feb 13th

    Good morning all, Sunday is looking to be a great day to fly rockets in Leonard, OK (South of Tulsa) with Tulsa Rocketry! So dust off your rocket's and let's go and fly! Day: Sunday, February 13th Time: Setup at 1130; Launch Window 1200 to 1600 Event Link: and...
  4. hambirm2018

    1010 Rail

    So what are you guys using for connecting the Rockwell jaw vise to a 1010 rail with a blast plate. I have all the major components on hand.
  5. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - 2021 May NSL Alamosa, CO

    Traveled ~17 hrs from Northern California to Alamosa, Colorado to fly at 2021 NSL over the Memorial weekend. Stopped over in Moab to see Arches and Canyonland National Parks on the way. Most of travel was on Route 50, not much traffic. San Luis Valley Rocketeers put on a well organized and...
  6. 0

    Lab/Launch station

    Hello everyone! I was looking for a compact station able to help me during the three main stages of a scratched built rocket: prepare the solid propellant, test and log data of the rocket engine and launch the rocket (vehicle’s design apart). I was’t able to find anything on the market so I...
  7. How to build and launch the Estes "Taser" Model rocket

    How to build and launch the Estes "Taser" Model rocket

    Complete rundown on how to build and launch safely.
  8. hambirm2018

    EVENT Longmont Rocketry Club (LRC) 872 3rd Launch 0900-1400

    There will be another group launch on 11 July 2020 at Sandstone Ranch. I will be there fro 0900-1400 The same rules apply as the previous two launches. I will have three rods, a 1010 rail and two 1/4 launchers. I will also have another 12 volt launcher with key. ( two total) Email me if you...
  9. S

    Rail Exit Speed, how slow is too slow?

    Hi Folks, I'm simming a collection of mid power rockets of interest, and while OR hasn't given me any warnings yet, how slow is too slow when looking at velocity off the rod? 5 m/s? 6 m/s? etc. Thanks!
  10. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    WOOF Launch Computer

    Made this Open Source rocket launch computer. It's an arduino uno sheild.
  11. jd2cylman

    EVENT QCRS Club Launch Dec 14th

    Hey! Got some rockets you didn't get launched at MWP? Got some motors burning a hole in your reload cases? Well, Saturday Dec 14th is the first QCRS club launch of the season. Come out and join the fun. Or freeze your bippy off... Who knows what the weather will be. Don't believe the weather...
  12. Eric Nantel - DiaLFonZo

    DiaLFonZo - Arduino Launch Controller

    Hi All, This is an on-going project that do not have a clear finish date. Most of it is think through aside the connections for the Battery & Ignitor extension. (most probably banana plugs) Not being a programmer myself, here is a few iteration of the firmware... Some milling of the...
  13. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Any Experience with Tube Launching model rockets?

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be working on my Javelin missile model rocket soon! The launch tube computer will be controlled by a arduino uno to follow a launch sequence. The idea is to use Co2 to pressurize a 3d printed piston that houses the ignitor to push the vehicle. Then it'll eject the model...
  14. Viperfixr

    Pictures from MDRA ESL 251, 20-21 July 2019

    I did not see a launch announcement for MDRAs monthly launch, but today was also Apollo themed fpor the 50th Anniversary with a Saturn V mass launch. Here are a few photos from today:
  15. spence

    EVENT URRG JULY Launch. 7/20-7/21

    Our next regular club launch is "Apollo" Weekend - July 20-21. See Your in Potter, NY! What Will you be Flying? 52845297_10157386852194924_2389581277914202112_n by spence posted Jul 8, 2019 at 12:30 AM
  16. Tweeks

    Mid-Atlantic NRVR BFSL Summer Research Launch + Motor Mixing Class!

    If you're anywhere near the mid-Atlantic (SU) region, you need to spend the 50th Apollo anniversarry with us! We have a lot planned: Friday 7/19 - 54mm APC Motor Mixing Workshop! By Ben and Elaine Russell (from TRA outreach) Friday, all-day, hands on workshop (before our two day research...
  17. D

    Adjustable Launch Tower Build

    This is my first build thread, so go easy on me ;) I've flown a few minimum diameter rockets in the past, and I typically prefer to build them with four fins. However, one issue I've ran into with four-finned rockets is with regards to launch equipment. Every time I fly one, I have to use...
  18. Nacho

    Small-medium launch sites near Manchester.

    Hi everyone! I recently started building my 1st rocket and I'm looking for launch sites. Right now, I will be performing tests with B engines moving up to C once I verify my design. Does anyone know any places around Manchester? Thanks. ~Nacho
  19. Brian Kirksey

    EVENT Snow Ranch, California December 8, 2018 (Photos)

    Here is a small collection of photos-proofs I took while at my first Snow Ranch launch. I drove through dense fog that morning from the Bay Area to get to the launch site and the weather cooperated all day. A mixed day of sun, beautiful clouds, and green rolling hills. The people were amazing...
  20. Forever_Metal

    EVENT HARA Monthly Launches

    Hello ALL! Below is our flight schedule for fall/winter 2018! Many Thanks to the Herefords for allowing us the opportunity to fly! Please see our website for the latest updates, flight status, and directions to the field! 13 October 10 November 08 December 12 January 09 February 09 March If...