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  1. SuperNova-Rocketry

    Launch Tower

    Wanted to see people’s launch tower/rail designs to insprire my own. I want to make something which will not need to be replaced when I move onto much more powerful rockets and are looking to do something like this This however I attach a...
  2. H

    Measuring distance on launch rail

    Just wondering when setting up Rocsim for how long the rail is, do you just enter the length of the rail or from where the last rail button is? I have an 8 foot rail and the first button is about 75 inches from end of rail and second one is about 86 inches from the end. thanks for any help
  3. Hey Nike

    Estes Maxi Brute Honest John Pattern Sheet SP-69

    All - I need your help, please. I am restoring an Estes Maxi-Brute Honest John (#2166). The model used two balsa "launch rail shoes" as the launch lug standoff on one side of the nose cone. The rail shoes were glued to the nose cone, but were broken off and lost long ago. I need to...