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  1. Brian Johnson

    Homemade launch lugs!

    Some of you know I found a thick wall motor mount tube and rings in my very small parts box. After some sanding I made it all fit in an old beat up LOC 2.14 tube. I needed some launch lugs however there were none it my parts box. What to do? Make some so I retrieved a couple of bic writing pens...
  2. Hey Nike

    Estes Maxi-Brute Honest John - Launch Shoe Pattern Sheet SP-69

    All - I need your help, please. I am restoring an Estes Maxi-Brute Honest John (#2166). The model used two balsa "launch rail shoes" as the launch lug standoff on one side of the nose cone. The rail shoes were glued to the nose cone, but were broken off and lost long ago. I need to reproduce...