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  1. M

    Which is a better method of propulsion? Ion engine or ablative laser propulsion?

    Ablative laser propulsion seems like a good bet because it works in both atmosphere and a vacuum and just seems better than Ion engines.
  2. J

    Painting CF, FG, and ABS Airframe

    Hi all, I've never done a spray paint job with any sort of precision before, so I hope you'll excuse that I don't know a lot. I just want to be as informed as possible to do as close to perfect a job as I can. My team has a 12ft long rocket with a 7.78" diameter fore section that transitions to...
  3. Doug Holverson

    Holverson Designs laser cutter files.

    Here is a zip archive of some recovered and massaged Holverson Designs laser cutter patterns. They are in R 2013 dxf format and are supposed to be in millimeters. Included are the first five kits of Zoomie, Tangent, Silver Hawk, Wicked Winnie, and Swinger, with the bonus of the Hyperbolic...
  4. dappa1012

    Where can I buy Decal paper?

    Where can I buy Decal paper? Seems Bellpaper decalpaper is out of business? Help!