laser cut

  1. Nikson420

    Laser / CNC Laser Master 2 20W Desktop Laser Engraver and Cutter

    I was looking something on aliexpress and just found this Great Laser Master. Price seems pretty nice and quality is good. Did you guys have any exp... with Laser machines? So this is one I want to buy - Price is almost half? Is it standard price or its really...
  2. Dk-info

    Free Laser Cutting!

    I have an 80W CO2 laser cutter that I would like to make available to the Forum members. Here are the particulars: You provide materials - I can comfortably cut plastic and plywood up to 3/8" thick. You provide packing and shipping: Flat-pack (plain cardboard folded to make a packet) is cheap...
  3. BremoSupremo

    Rocket Paraglider - Flying A Traditional High Power Rocket Back to You!

    So I may be new to this forum but I am not new to rocketry. With that in mind I cam up for this concept of what I like to call "active recovery" where the parachute is controlled in some way. The idea here is that after being inspired by an Radio controlled paraglider I saw, why not incorporate...