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  1. robbdm

    David and John Robb's Rocket Launches - 2020 March - Tripoli San Diego's Havoc #4

    Traveled down from Northern California for Tripoli San Diego Havoc #4 launch. Held at the Holtville closed airport near the Mexico border. This my first outing this year. Weather was good except for windy Saturday afternoon. Full moon lit up the night. Wild Flowers... Range setup...
  2. Tobor

    Found Wildman's Lance Beta Fin Dimensions

    Hello all, I'm hoping someone can measure or photograph (w/ruler) the main & upper fin of Tim's new kit. I have created an .ork file upscaled from an Estes/NCR .rkt file I found on the Net, with corrected specs for Tim's 4" FG tubing. I am hoping to purchase Tim's version during his 2020 Black...