l3 certification

  1. Timothy Murphy

    Looking for Tripoli Level 3 certified Flyer of Record for Spaceport America Cup '23 Competition

    Hi all, my name is Timothy Murphy and I'm on The University of Alabama's Spaceport America Cup Competition team. For our competition, we need a Flyer of Record who has a Tripoli Level 3 certification. Our current Flyer of Record recently let us know that he is unable to come to our competition...
  2. lowga

    Sold Madcow 4" Maddog 4XL 75mm Kit

    Decided to go another direction for my L3 certification. Building a 4" Mach 1 kit instead. That means that this beauty is surplus to my needs. Asking $275 which includes UPS Ground shipping to the 48 states. 75mm" and perfect for your L2 or L3 efforts...