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  1. Timothy Murphy

    Looking for Tripoli Level 3 certified Flyer of Record for Spaceport America Cup '23 Competition

    Hi all, my name is Timothy Murphy and I'm on The University of Alabama's Spaceport America Cup Competition team. For our competition, we need a Flyer of Record who has a Tripoli Level 3 certification. Our current Flyer of Record recently let us know that he is unable to come to our competition...
  2. D

    Madcow DX3-XL balcony build

    I've been planning this project for maybe a year now. This phase, just before I start is always the most challenging for me. Once I do start, the flow comes and I get deep into the project. My design has been signed off by my Taps for the L3 build, so here we are getting ready to document it...
  3. lowga

    Looking for Tripoli Central California-Bruce Rohn

    If anyone has contact e-mail or phone number for Tripoli Central California member, Bruce Rohn could you send it to me via a reply or PM? I want to discuss his L3 project, a 1/2 scale Honest John. Wow!
  4. Gary Mac

    Flight Computers: Accelerometers vs Barometric Sensors

    I've got some experience with the basic eggtimer flight computer, which I understand is a barometric sensor based flight computer. I'm now working towards my L3 and needing to invest in a 2nd flight computer to meet the redundancy requirements. I've heard that for an L3-cert level flight...