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  1. U

    Wildman Mach 2 on AT L1000W DMS??

    Hello all! This is my first time on this forum. I just got my L2, and to celebrate I wanted to build a (relatively) inexpensive high performance kit. I was looking at building a Wildman Mach 2 to fly on an AT L1000W DMS to keep the cost down, but of the good motor retention/shock cord mounting...
  2. dandreat

    Found Spent AT L1000 motor w/ current thrust ring and charge well intact

    Howdy; I'm looking for a spent AeroTech L1000 DMS motor from recent production; after factory thrust ring fixes and with the forward closure / charge well all still intact and in good condition. Must be usable for precise measurement and test fitting. No CATOs. :-( I might buy up to 3, or so...