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  1. Velocity Aerospace

    Genesis II scratch build

    So I attempted my L1 cert flight back in January, but it didn't go that well. Here's a link to my flight report thread if you're interested: https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/tis-but-a-scratch.177191/ . But I am back in the saddle with my next rocket, the little brother to Genesis, Genesis...
  2. Velocity Aerospace

    teleGPS question...

    So I am rebuilding my Genesis rocket to re-attempt my L.1 cert. I want to try to add a tracker to start getting familiar with the tech. I saw that the transmitter was 6.5 inches by itself, but one of the changes I'm making to the design is going with a 6 inch coupler instead of a 9 inch. I know...
  3. Voyhager3

    Rocket 2 XXL, HPR lvl 1 cert rocket

    For my L1 I decided I wanted to build an even further scaled up Rocket 2, this time to a 4inch airframe. Rocket 2, standard size Rocket 2 XL, 200% scaled Rocket 2 Family so far R-2 XXL will only be about 1.2 meters tall, but it’ll probably be fine.
  4. R3verb

    Project Blackout L1 Cert Build

    Hey All! So after a long time in the hobby as a kid and getting back into it numerous times over the last 10 years as an adult, I finally decided to make the leap into HPR and get my L1 cert. After going back and forth on what rocket to use for my L1 cert (see this thread) I decided to go with...
  5. Alan R

    Apogee Zephyr L1 Build

    This thread is just to document the build for L1. Nothing special about the build, but I already know I will deviate from instructions in one or two places. Nothing major. Kit arrived yesterday.. I'm excited to jump in. When I decided to L1, I wanted a 38mm and I had a couple of kits in mind...
  6. Oscar G.

    Junior L1 build

    Hey guys, I haven't been too many places on this forum, having joined it late 2019, but because this is my largest project yet, I thought it would be a good idea to share it here, and mabye get some expert advice. It is being built on 4 inch cardboard airframe, and I plan to fly it on a Cesaroni...
  7. DaHabes

    L1 Build Question

    I'm building a Madcow Super DX3 for my L1 cert flight. My intention is to go low & slow SD for L1, then add a DD bay for bigger engines & higher flights. I tend to overbuild, so this may also be used for L2 cert. To make it SD/DD capable I intend to use the DD ebay without the bulkheads for the...