ky michaelson

  1. Buddy Michaelson

    Homemade Astronauts Series on Discovery+

    Our show called Homemade Astronauts was just released on Discovery+ which features 4- One Hour Shows on building homemade rockets. This show can be streamed now online, it features Buddy and Ky Michaelson, Kurt Anderson, Waldo Stakes, Mad Mike Hughes, and Cameron Spence. Here is the Cold Open:
  2. Buddy Michaelson

    Go Fast Rocket Kit

    I am currently working on a 1:3 Scale of our Space Shot Rocket, which will hopefully come out later this month or the first week in November. This rocket has a 75mm Body Tube and a 54mm MMT, and is 88” tall. The rocket will include a SCP Thrust Plate machined from billet aluminum and a 4.5”...