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  1. prfesser

    Krylon Fusion all-in-one does not play well with Frogtape

    I'm working on a modified Silver Comet. Glued a bunch of 1/4" tubes around the motor mount tube to give the appearance of jets on a 50s rocket. Realized I'd have to paint these tubes before gluing in the motor mount. Used Frogtape---that green stuff that is supposed to give real good paint...
  2. RocketRoll

    Stumped: How to Stop Oil-Based Enamel From Yellowing

    My Estes Saturn V is all painted and ready for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 next year. I used Testors gloss white spray enamel and Testors gloss black and silver (bottle enamel). The decals in the kit are incredible. I wanted to clear coat it with Krylon UV-Resistant matte acrylic, but...
  3. RocketRoll

    Need a Clear Coat over Testors Enamel

    I regret using this Testors enamel paint more and more. It's been two months and it's still giving off fumes... I want to clear coat this paint to matte it out. I used gloss colors so that the decals adhere better. I have Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Matte acrylic coating, but now I'm reading...