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  1. John Rozean

    Custom ATW Rocket Kit Shock Chord Burns Easily

    Uh oh…..the nose cone came off. The nose cone malfunction on the Custom ATW was most likely my fault. Granted the ATW does come with a pretty thin shock chord. Evidence indicates that the shock chord burned up during the ejection charge. But I only used one sheet of recovery wadding when the...
  2. John Rozean

    custom galaxy rescue music tribute

    Today’s launch is focused on the Custom “Galaxy Rescue” model rocket kit. I built four of them with varying paint schemes.
  3. John Rozean

    Estimating the height of a model rocket using the Estes Altitrack

    The height of a model rocket can be calculated using the angle of elevation from a know point on the ground. An Estes Altitrack is designed specifically for this. Estes Educator.com offers up various lesson plans that incorporate model rocketry to the classroom. This is one of those lessons...
  4. John Rozean

    Estes E2X model rocket kit

    So the latest launches that I have done have focused on inexpensive, easy to build, model rockets. Today’s focus is the Estes Generic E2X model rocket kit. Although there are cheaper rocket kits, this one selling for about twelve dollars, the ease with which one can build this rocket is apparent...
  5. John Rozean

    Quest America Model Rocket Kit

    The next launch will focus on the Quest model rocket kit “America” – having built four of them with varying paint schemes. An interesting rocket kit that pays tribute to our great country. Perhaps with the political divisions that are occurring lately, a sense of unity may be in order.
  6. John Rozean

    Quest Novia and Totally Tubular rocket launch

    So I’ve been interested in skill level one rockets lately. I came across a couple kits built but Quest Aerospace – the Novia and the Totally Tubular. The kits are well made with well thought out instructions and precise parts. I launched them yesterday. Here is the video.
  7. John Rozean

    Tribute to the Estes Yankee model rocket

    I don't do the best paint jobs. I don't have the best video equipment. But I do love to launch skill level one rockets. “The Estes Yankee is an exciting Skill Level 1 rocket kit that knows how to rip up the skies!” claims the Estes website about their American tribute model rocket. The rocket...