jolly logic

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    What happened to Altimeter Three??

    Hello, For the last two years, myself and a group of people from my high school have been working on an experimental rocket and were using altimeter three because of the easy to use interface (and relative small size). We lost ours during our last launch and need a new one to continue the...
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    Jolly Logic Chute Placement

    I'm adding a JL chute release to a 4" Mad Cow DX3 and I'm wondering about where to attach the chute. My DX3 has an AVbay and forward section for future use, and I'll be using motor ejection. I've checked through the forums and came up with 2 main ideas. I want to start with using a drogue just...
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    Found Jolly Logic Altimeter 1, 2, or 3 (or similar)

    Looking for a Jolly Logic Altimeter 1, 2, or 3... or a combo of any of these. Got out of rocketry for a short period and learned my lesson... don't part with everything. :( Looking to pay $30 for the A1, $50 for the A2, and $80 for the A3. Flexible on pricing for the A2 and A3... don't...