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  1. R3verb

    Project Thunderbird Build

    Hi All! I'm pretty new to the forum and so I had already started this build when I joined but I figured better late than never. I'm currently working on an Estes Red Nova kit ( that I'm calling Project Thunderbird. It's named this as I'm going...
  2. EPflyer

    Twitch, cool photo.

    Here is a great shot of my Madcow Twitch. The rocket was launched with an AT I180. The Eggtimer Apogee reported an altitude of 2937 feet. We lost sight of the rocket till the chute release deployed the main at 500 feet. It was a great flight even though I didn't see most of it!
  3. RalPh8

    JL Chute Release questions

    At the last Tripoli launch I was at there were a number of us using the JL Chute Release. I bought my JLCR back in 2015 or 2016 when they first came out. That said, we had a number of people (including myself) have their rockets hit the ground with the parachute not unfolded. After I got my...
  4. Culprit

    Gorilla Glue "Snot Rocket"

    My Gorilla Glue "Snot Rocket" recently made its first flight! The idea was simple - I was changing a caulk tube in my caulk gun one day and thought the business end looked like a ram-jet. From that moment, I knew I had to see one fly. I headed to Lowe's looking for a tube that had a screw...
  5. tOD

    JL Chute release question

    I'm going to make my first flights with a chute release this weekend. Does the compartment containing the device need to be vented?