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    Which is a better method of propulsion? Ion engine or ablative laser propulsion?

    Ablative laser propulsion seems like a good bet because it works in both atmosphere and a vacuum and just seems better than Ion engines.
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    Ion engines in Star Wars don’t work. Alternative?

    I am a lifelong Star Wars fan and I was heartbroken to discover that ion engines could NOT work both in the atmosphere of a planet and space; which is the bread and butter depiction of Star Wars. I have to assume that in the Star Wars universe; somehow, someway scientists figured out how to make...
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    Can we make big Ion thrusters

    Was thinking about this the other day, ion drives ares said to have a really good specific impulse as they are really efficient but have rubbish acceleration because due to the laws of momentum you are acceleration tinny masses as your propellent is tiny. However, if you were to use a series of...