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  1. M

    Position of Igniter and how to make one?

    Hello Everyone! I am new to model rocketry and completely do everything on my own.So,got struck at a point Problem is "Does the position of Igniter really matter ?" I mean where should we keep the igniter is it at the opening end of motor or else some what deep inside the motor? Please help...
  2. OverTheTop

    Head-End Ignition: A Successful Method

    Head-End Ignition: A Successful Method This is a basic description of the method I used for head-end ignition (HEI) on my recent two-stage flight. My method proved successful, I think, but please don’t blame me if you try this and get different results. I present it here purely for your...
  3. C

    Feasible ways to ignite and Reignite Propellent for High Altitude Rocket

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing research on ways to ignite and reignite propellent for a rocket this is planning on reaching heights of 100,000 feet. I'm looking specifically for ways to ignite at liftoff as well as for the second stage as this would be for a two-stage rocket. Any help is...