1. Sparrowhawk

    Igniting 2nd stage Aerotech motors?

    Hello! I'm currently developing a small flight computer that captures telemetry on flights, and I want to build in the ability to fly 2-stage High-Power rockets. However, as far as I can tell, Aerotech motor igniters need ~12v 3A, or 36W, to fire. At present I'm struggling to find a MOSFET that...
  2. F8064D5E-EE5B-4EFD-9306-A2E09673AF01.jpeg


    Igniter Blanks
  3. B

    9V battery to light model rocket

    Hey everyone! I am new to model rockets and I was building my own launch controller, my issue is that when I hit the button to launch the rocket the igniter slowly smokes but never launches the rocket. is a 9V not enough for the low power rocket igniters? If not, what small batteries would...
  4. Oberon

    New Aerotech Igniter Insulation Failure

    Yesterday I flew a 38-360 I245G motor. It came packaged with an igniter a bit different from the other FirstFires I’ve seen. The insulation was a different color, red and yellow, rather than the regular dark yellow. And it was softer and thinner. When I went to launch, I had good continuity...
  5. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    How Reliable are Estes Igniters?

    Hi everyone! So I have a bag full of estes ignitors and plugs that have not been used. I have read a ton of stories of them being crappy, and when I tried myself by hooking the leads to a controller, seemed very weak. Videos I've seen seem to show the Estes Igniters take a bit of time till it...
  6. L

    Alternative Igniter

    Hello All, I was thinking of planning some testing for an igniter design but wanted some feedback about my idea first. I was watching slow motion YouTube videos when I came across a couple slo-mo clips of a shotgun primer going off, Watch starting at 1:58 m, Watch starting at 5:00 m, It...
  7. jsdemar

    ProCast BKNO3-V pyrogen kit

    QuickBurst sent me a sample of their new ProCast pyrogen dip kit. They are using the good hard-to-find boron and Viton that I purchased last year. I'm not making any money on this, but I wanted to let everyone know it's available. We had a lot of discussion in the Research forum here about...
  8. Brian H.

    Small moonburners and igniters

    I did a search and found lots of answers for larger moonburner motors, but nothing for the small ones. I have recently had a Cesaroni H54 29mm moonburner Cato because the igniter wadded up and clogged the nozzle. Is there a trick to preventing this from happening? Others use bamboo skewers...
  9. M

    Why are university HPR teams having such difficulty with airstarts?

    Something I've been thinking about over the last couple days. As someone who is part of a university team myself, that had an upper stage ignition failure due to a faulty AV bay, this is a question that is near and dear to my heart. A lot of university teams, particularly those aiming to do a...
  10. Cameron Anderson

    Pyro battery circuit plans needed

    Anyone have a circuit diagram or experience with a seperate pyro battery set up for missileworks components? I have a PET2 timer and I want to airstart my second stage with an Aerotech J500. I bought some Wildman Big Uns to test which should be ignitable using the timer only, but I'd like to...