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  1. topbrahmen

    Igniter Issues

    I think I know the answer to my problem, but I wanted to get another opinion. So I was using the slim gem igniters from Quickburst, and I had 2 out of 3 igniters fail on me in both the same way. It looks like the coil heated up and ejected some of the pyrogen, and did not ignite the rest of the...
  2. Sparrowhawk

    Igniting 2nd stage Aerotech motors?

    Hello! I'm currently developing a small flight computer that captures telemetry on flights, and I want to build in the ability to fly 2-stage High-Power rockets. However, as far as I can tell, Aerotech motor igniters need ~12v 3A, or 36W, to fire. At present I'm struggling to find a MOSFET that...
  3. F8064D5E-EE5B-4EFD-9306-A2E09673AF01.jpeg


    Igniter Blanks
  4. B

    9V battery to light model rocket

    Hey everyone! I am new to model rockets and I was building my own launch controller, my issue is that when I hit the button to launch the rocket the igniter slowly smokes but never launches the rocket. is a 9V not enough for the low power rocket igniters? If not, what small batteries would...
  5. Oberon

    New Aerotech Igniter Insulation Failure

    Yesterday I flew a 38-360 I245G motor. It came packaged with an igniter a bit different from the other FirstFires I’ve seen. The insulation was a different color, red and yellow, rather than the regular dark yellow. And it was softer and thinner. When I went to launch, I had good continuity...
  6. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    How Reliable are Estes Igniters?

    Hi everyone! So I have a bag full of estes ignitors and plugs that have not been used. I have read a ton of stories of them being crappy, and when I tried myself by hooking the leads to a controller, seemed very weak. Videos I've seen seem to show the Estes Igniters take a bit of time till it...
  7. L

    Alternative Igniter

    Hello All, I was thinking of planning some testing for an igniter design but wanted some feedback about my idea first. I was watching slow motion YouTube videos when I came across a couple slo-mo clips of a shotgun primer going off, Watch starting at 1:58 m, Watch starting at 5:00 m, It...
  8. jsdemar

    ProCast BKNO3-V pyrogen kit

    QuickBurst sent me a sample of their new ProCast pyrogen dip kit. They are using the good hard-to-find boron and Viton that I purchased last year. I'm not making any money on this, but I wanted to let everyone know it's available. We had a lot of discussion in the Research forum here about...
  9. Brian H.

    Small moonburners and igniters

    I did a search and found lots of answers for larger moonburner motors, but nothing for the small ones. I have recently had a Cesaroni H54 29mm moonburner Cato because the igniter wadded up and clogged the nozzle. Is there a trick to preventing this from happening? Others use bamboo skewers...
  10. M

    Why are university HPR teams having such difficulty with airstarts?

    Something I've been thinking about over the last couple days. As someone who is part of a university team myself, that had an upper stage ignition failure due to a faulty AV bay, this is a question that is near and dear to my heart. A lot of university teams, particularly those aiming to do a...
  11. Cameron Anderson

    Pyro battery circuit plans needed

    Anyone have a circuit diagram or experience with a seperate pyro battery set up for missileworks components? I have a PET2 timer and I want to airstart my second stage with an Aerotech J500. I bought some Wildman Big Uns to test which should be ignitable using the timer only, but I'd like to...