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  1. samtc

    Weekend Hybrid Flight

    Flew my first Hybrid in some time at the SC Rocketry Launch this weekend. The rocket was a 54mm G10 with Acme Fin Can. The max altitude on the I-260 was 3,085 feet. Many thanks to Johnny Hoffman for his GSE, Robert Carson for continuing to support and sell the Hypertek System, and Chuck...
  2. H

    HyperTek L550

    Does anyone know the mass flow rate for the HyperTek L550? I'm working on a transonic build and needed to ask this. I know that the equation for the mass flow rate is the density of fluid * velocity * cross-sectional area, but how do I find velocity and cross-sectional area? Thanks so much!
  3. T

    HyperTek anyone?

    So is anyone out there still flying HyperTek motors? While going through my rocket room the other day I came across a case of motors and it got me wondering if anyone was still flying them. I probably have two cases of the 54mm motors and probably around 10 of the 98mm reloads. Tim Sapp
  4. Colonel_Hogan


    I recently launched an HPR rocket and it barely made it off the launch rail after experiencing some sort of engine difficulty. The staff at the launch site said the failure was caused by a bulkhead that failed and allowed the engine to go through the vehicle's body but I'm not sure that I fully...
  5. kramer714

    Sold HyperTEK reloads

    I have (4) HyperTEK reloads plus a new end bell (NO TANK). ALL THE PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO LOCAL TARC TEAMS!!! they are (2) P/N HT-J-FG (1) HT-JFX-FG (1) HT-J-FX-FG Plus an end bell. Best offer by 3PM Pacific Time 1/13/19 gets them! Post a message on here with your bid. I will pay for...