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  1. J

    Hybrid oxidiser system HELP?!?

    Hi everyone, First post on here so don't bite my head off if I say something completely stupid. The background to this thread is that I need some help with designing the oxidiser system in a hybrid rocket that myself and some other student friends of mine are making. I have dabbled in solid...
  2. T

    HyperTek anyone?

    So is anyone out there still flying HyperTek motors? While going through my rocket room the other day I came across a case of motors and it got me wondering if anyone was still flying them. I probably have two cases of the 54mm motors and probably around 10 of the 98mm reloads. Tim Sapp
  3. B

    Hybrid rocket propulsion intro

    Hi, I am interested in starting hybrid rocketry.I am planning to scratch build a moter but I can't find any guidance. Thank you for your time
  4. D

    Control oxygen flow hybrid rocket engine

    Hi all, I built a small hybrid rocket engine and I would like to control the arrival of oxygen in the engine with an arduino card. What do you advise me: a solenoid valve? A valve with a servo motor? If possible, could you specify a model? It's been a while that I'm looking for without finding...
  5. J

    SOLD Collection, Motor Casings 29/38/54

    *this post is a "work in progress" so i will be editing it with new info for probably the first week its up* This is my late fathers collection. We both enjoy this hobby many years ago and I do not have plans of continuing with it. With that being said, I'm here to sell this collection as a...
  6. D

    Hybrid rocket engine design spreadsheet

    Hi all, I am looking to design and build a hybrid rocket engine and I would like to know where I could find a spreadsheet to design a hybrid rocket engine. Or if any of you could share it with me. Thank you so much !
  7. kieran.vro

    High School Hybrid Rocketry

    I've been experimenting with rocket engines since the sixth grade. As time passes, the designs for which I aim become more and more complex. I've reached the point where I actually have no idea what to do. I'm trying to make a mid-power, single-stage hybrid rocket with enough thrust to get some...
  8. MachDiamond

    FOUND Tribrid Engine

    I've been wanting to get more into hybrid rocket engines. If anyone has a tribird engine for sale please reach out to me. I especially would like a RATTworks K350, but I would consider any production tribrid or clone. If you aren't familiar with these engines, you can learn more here...