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  1. S

    GOX Delrin Hybrid Development

    My particular interest is in developing and testing a GOX Delrin (Acetal; Polyoxymethylene) Hybrid. While I have explored GOX HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), I believe that the GOX-Delrin 'system' may provide a number of advantages over GOX - HDPE.
  2. Elj4y

    Student Asking: Pros and Cons of. HPDE/N2O Hybrids?

    Hi folks, journalism student here. Looking for some community perspectives on the hybrid motors, specifically the HDPE/N2O type, as my assessment is a short piece about whether they're the future of spaceflight or just another propulsion method. Main things I'm interested in hearing about: -...
  3. M

    Question about the PLA's regression rate

    Hey all, hope you are well ! I would like to know what are those two constant k and n of this formula : r°=k*(m°ox/Aport)^n With r° the regression rate in m/s, m° the massix flux kg/s, Aport the area of the combustion between walls m². I've find that k and n was fundaible depending on the fuel...
  4. J

    Hybrid oxidiser system HELP?!?

    Hi everyone, First post on here so don't bite my head off if I say something completely stupid. The background to this thread is that I need some help with designing the oxidiser system in a hybrid rocket that myself and some other student friends of mine are making. I have dabbled in solid...
  5. B

    Hybrid rocket propulsion intro

    Hi, I am interested in starting hybrid rocketry.I am planning to scratch build a moter but I can't find any guidance. Thank you for your time
  6. Colonel_Hogan


    I recently launched an HPR rocket and it barely made it off the launch rail after experiencing some sort of engine difficulty. The staff at the launch site said the failure was caused by a bulkhead that failed and allowed the engine to go through the vehicle's body but I'm not sure that I fully...
  7. N

    Hybrid motor regulations

    Hi, I'm wondering if hybrid motors within the low to mid power range need to be certified? I live in Canada and I'm trying to build a mid power hybrid rocket.