1. T

    Help with a Custom Made Launch Controller for G motors / HPR

    Hello fellow rocketeers, I hope you are doing well. I am currently designing a rocket that will fly with a G or H motor but I have a problem. Because I live in Spain and here, rocketry isn't commonly known like in USA and around, it is very hard to find and buy certain elements. Today I'm...
  2. C

    Dual Deploy from a Single Compartment Questions

    Hey everyone, I'm the project lead for the CU SRL's Obsidian rocket and for our flight we will be using a dual deploy system from a single compartment. We have some design problems that we are currently trying to figure out and are hoping y'all could give some thoughts/tips. To give some...
  3. Spree610

    NAR HPR Level 1 complete!

    One year after my first attempts and failures (see Rest In Pieces post #54), I successfully completed my NAR HPR Level 1 Certification on 7/10/21. I built a LOC IV for this attempt. I did not final the paint and just went with primer. Single Stage and Aerotech H73J with 8 second delay to approx...
  4. F

    HPR certification in Europe.

    Hello there! Does anybody know if there is any way to get an HPR (high powered rocketry) certification in Europe? I have been trying to get any info on this topic for the past few weeks but everything I find seems to be a dead end.
  5. arshiaboorboor

    How to simulate canards?

    I'm planning on building Starship as my level 2 HPR certification, and I am currently trying to get all the stability numbers correctly, but there isn't a feature in OpenRocket for canards attached directly to the nose. Is there a way to do that by hand or some way to do that by software, either...
  6. B

    Kit Recommendations for L2 Cert

    I recently got my L1 HPR cert and I’m looking to build a L2 this summer. I am looking for a fiberglass kit that is dual deploy capable. Preferably 4” in diameter or close to that. I would like to have plenty of room on the inside for avionics and recovery stuff. A friend built an L2 that was...
  7. Motors purchased at spring fest

    Motors purchased at spring fest

    A fraction of the motors I purchased at spring fest
  8. Warlock spring fest 2021

    Warlock spring fest 2021

    Warlock I280DM
  9. Mr G

    Where is your HPR sweet spot?

    What diameter rockets and motors do you prefer or fly most often? Choose what comes closest from the available choices. Select all that apply. Feel free to explain and add other preferences (e.g., cardboard vs fiberglass, DMS vs RMS, single vs dual deploy, etc) in your post.
  10. tollyman

    Lets Talk About Parachutes

    The purpose that I am making this post is to have a discussion about all things parachutes and recovery. Although I do have a few particular questions and want to hear others opinions, I want there to be a place where alot of this information can be found in one spot. Im sure there are other...
  11. Tobor

    Madcow AGM-33 Pike

    The AGM-33 Pike is one kit I've wanted for quite some time. And now, thanks to Papa Elf & my 2019 CIJ Secret Santa, I have one. Just to start things off, here is the OR file, updated with the measured weights for all the parts and a few things that I will be adding to the mix. More to come.
  12. PeterP

    NAR Level 2 Exam Question

    Hey all! This may be explained elsewhere, but I'm having a hard time finding reliable information about taking the NAR Level 2 exam. I received my Level 1 in March and decided it was time to go for my Level 2. I have the rocket, motor, and a launch date picked out. The only thing left is the...
  13. mperegrinefalcon

    L3 Build

    Hello all, here is my plan for my L3. I have a limited time to build this as I have a specific date I need to launch by. I ordered all the components today, I also have a Loki M2550 on order for the flight. The launch will be the first weekend of June, so I will need to work quickly but...
  14. H

    Parachute drag coefficient on openrocket

    Hey folks! l am a student freshman level at university. l am planning to build HPR and have a problem. l want to use Dacron polyester material for my parachute. l am not sure whether Cd is correct on openrocket software or not. As Nasa resources, ıt would be 1.75. But as openrocket software ...
  15. A

    TeleMetrum apogee deploy

    Hey guys has anyone used a Telemetrum for single deploy before? Like deploy main at apogee and thats it? And also if a 28 inch parachute is deployed as a parachute at like 10000ft and I am prepared to walk for however long it takes could I recover it? Like with GPS guidance from the telemetrum...
  16. PeterP

    LOC 4" Black Brant X L1 Cert Build

    Hey all, this will be my first post on TRF! I decided I wanted to go for my HPR certifications after building rockets with my school’s rocketry program this past semester. So, I bought myself a LOC 4” Black Brant X to certify L1 and L2 with. I figured going with the biggest kit I could find...
  17. kevindcornwell

    Military Base Launches

    There is a particular Military Base (Bradshaw AAF) that I would like to approach to see about doing either an annual or semi-annual HPR Launch Day(s). The airspace is restricted (of course). I think (that's probably dangerous) that the FAA is not involved since it is an MOA. I need some guidance...
  18. lowga

    Hard Hats in HPR

    BAR, only returned to rocketry about two years ago--and that was my first foray into HPR. Old enough (and hopefully wise enough) to be very serious about safety. Fortunate to be in a section that feels the same way. I'm curious if the NAR or TRA has ever considered adding a requirement for HPR...
  19. nickrulercreator

    Dual Deployment Without Ejections

    Hello! The other day I posted on here about an issue with my Hyperloc835. This issue has been fixed, thanks everyone that helped (and thank you, Loc Precision). I now have another question. I'm considering changing how my dual deployment is done. The instructions call for the drogue chute to go...
  20. FalconRocketry

    Falcon Rocketry Grand Opening Sale!!!!

    Falcon Rocketry is having a grand opening sale now that all products are in stock! To celebrate and mark the beginning of our journey providing high quality fiberglass rocket kits, we decided reduce prices on all items by 15%! This sale lasts from November 15-22 (Thanksgiving Day) or until...