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  1. frogglicker

    Scratch Build - Upscaled 3-in "Menace-3D"

    Intro: Over on another thread in the 3D Printing section, there's a friendly competition going on: TRF Challenge #1: Estes Menace and I thought this would be a great opportunity to push myself to learn more Fusion 360. I started back in March 2023 to 3D print small parts, and started...
  2. tg08

    "Faith" L1 HPR Build Thread

    To keep this thread clean and open for comments, I put my build thread here, and here is the shortened version with just the media. This is an ongoing project that will most likely take a while due to the fact I return to school on Monday. Feel free to comment or ask questions in this thread.
  3. tg08

    SS 2023 4” V2 Build/Launch Thread

    I was very fortunate as to receive one of my top wishes this Christmas, the 4” LOC V2.The first thing I noticed was how horribly the boat tail was slotted. Only one fin fit into the slot, and it was a loose fit. To be fair, I guess it is harder to get straight lines on a curved surface. I used...
  4. tg08

    Goodies and Dry Fit!

    Goodies came today!
  5. tg08

    Road to L1

    It's official; I am starting construction of my L1 rocket! I'm quite excited, and couldn't wait until Christmas to start assembling my electronics. As this is the first time I used a GPS system, I had to get quite a few components from Eggtimer Rocketry. I had a good time soldering together the...
  6. tg08

    Two-Part Foams

    I'm looking to strengthen my TTW fins with expanding foams, does anyone have recommendations? If it matters, my rocket is 4" in diameter and roughly 6 feet tall, flying for my L1 certification.
  7. SPStorm

    LOC Precision 4" Goblin Level 1 Certification build thread

    Just starting in HPR and chose the LOC 4" Goblin for my level 1 certification build. All feedback is welcome. I plan to build the motor mount and attach fins outside the airframe (not sure if I am using the correct term - main tube, body tube?) including epoxying the internal filets while...
  8. Timothy Murphy

    Looking for Tripoli Level 3 certified Flyer of Record for Spaceport America Cup '23 Competition

    Hi all, my name is Timothy Murphy and I'm on The University of Alabama's Spaceport America Cup Competition team. For our competition, we need a Flyer of Record who has a Tripoli Level 3 certification. Our current Flyer of Record recently let us know that he is unable to come to our competition...
  9. Robsrockettime

    Parachutes ejecting during event?

    Do you MAKE SURE the chutes come out all the way, or still knowing they're loose inside the tubes would you believe it would still come out from just opening/separating? Or is it best to know that it is pulled out. I guess probably the latter but just wondering what others experience is. Just...
  10. Voyhager3

    Rocket 2 XXL, HPR lvl 1 cert rocket

    For my L1 I decided I wanted to build an even further scaled up Rocket 2, this time to a 4inch airframe. Rocket 2, standard size Rocket 2 XL, 200% scaled Rocket 2 Family so far R-2 XXL will only be about 1.2 meters tall, but it’ll probably be fine.
  11. irami023

    TeleMega not working properly

    As part of our subscale eBay, we have a telemega that acts as a secondary flight computer. We fully charged it a week early and it had a green light. However, the day before our launch we go to check if it is working properly and battery hasn’t drained. The TeleMega light does not turn on at...
  12. R3verb

    Project Blackout L1 Cert Build

    Hey All! So after a long time in the hobby as a kid and getting back into it numerous times over the last 10 years as an adult, I finally decided to make the leap into HPR and get my L1 cert. After going back and forth on what rocket to use for my L1 cert (see this thread) I decided to go with...
  13. kitchw8436

    HPR Launch Equipment Reccomendations

    Our local NAR chapter is considering stepping up to HPR launches. Looking for recommendations for pads and wireless launch controllers.
  14. T

    Help with a Custom Made Launch Controller for G motors / HPR

    Hello fellow rocketeers, I hope you are doing well. I am currently designing a rocket that will fly with a G or H motor but I have a problem. Because I live in Spain and here, rocketry isn't commonly known like in USA and around, it is very hard to find and buy certain elements. Today I'm...
  15. C

    Dual Deploy from a Single Compartment Questions

    Hey everyone, I'm the project lead for the CU SRL's Obsidian rocket and for our flight we will be using a dual deploy system from a single compartment. We have some design problems that we are currently trying to figure out and are hoping y'all could give some thoughts/tips. To give some...
  16. Spree610

    NAR HPR Level 1 complete!

    One year after my first attempts and failures (see Rest In Pieces post #54), I successfully completed my NAR HPR Level 1 Certification on 7/10/21. I built a LOC IV for this attempt. I did not final the paint and just went with primer. Single Stage and Aerotech H73J with 8 second delay to approx...
  17. F

    HPR certification in Europe.

    Hello there! Does anybody know if there is any way to get an HPR (high powered rocketry) certification in Europe? I have been trying to get any info on this topic for the past few weeks but everything I find seems to be a dead end.
  18. arshiaboorboor

    How to simulate canards?

    I'm planning on building Starship as my level 2 HPR certification, and I am currently trying to get all the stability numbers correctly, but there isn't a feature in OpenRocket for canards attached directly to the nose. Is there a way to do that by hand or some way to do that by software, either...
  19. B

    Kit Recommendations for L2 Cert

    I recently got my L1 HPR cert and I’m looking to build a L2 this summer. I am looking for a fiberglass kit that is dual deploy capable. Preferably 4” in diameter or close to that. I would like to have plenty of room on the inside for avionics and recovery stuff. A friend built an L2 that was...
  20. Motors purchased at spring fest

    Motors purchased at spring fest

    A fraction of the motors I purchased at spring fest