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  1. M

    Wildman Gizmo Done!

    Finished my Wildman Gizmo today! Super happy with how it came out. Cc welcome!!
  2. Voyhager3

    Found NEEDED ASAP; 9” fiberglass tube (and coupler) for Rocketry Team

    For context, I’m on a division of my school's rocketry team, where we have been contracted out to build and fly a payload. So this is on behalf of our program, as we need the tube. (Cyclone Rocketry at Iowa State) We have encountered some supply chain issues (CW moment...), and it’s unlikely we...
  3. Upsrocketman

    Dragon Rocketry Red Nova Build Thread

    Well... I wasn't gonna do a build thread because this was gonna be a quick and dirty build compared to some of my more lengthy projects and I wanted to just fly it. Then I lost my Jolly Logic... So here we go again! This will be a build thread for my fully dual deploy capable Dragon Rocketry...
  4. jhill9693

    KN Aeronautics AIM-9L Sidewinder

    Back in 2022, I found this short kit for a very realistic high-power scale model of the AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missile on eBay. It's been sitting around in a box waiting for me to build it. Finishing 3D-printed parts still intimidate me. A few of you on here have this same short kit...
  5. Velocity Aerospace

    Genesis II scratch build

    So I attempted my L1 cert flight back in January, but it didn't go that well. Here's a link to my flight report thread if you're interested: https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/tis-but-a-scratch.177191/ . But I am back in the saddle with my next rocket, the little brother to Genesis, Genesis...
  6. L

    Looking for High Power Mentor for High School Team

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone with L2 or L3 experience would be interested in mentoring our rocketry team. We're located in NYC but we understand in-person mentoring may be difficult. This would be our first time being mentored as our team has been running for about a year now, with our highest...
  7. EPflyer

    Twitch, cool photo.

    Here is a great shot of my Madcow Twitch. The rocket was launched with an AT I180. The Eggtimer Apogee reported an altitude of 2937 feet. We lost sight of the rocket till the chute release deployed the main at 500 feet. It was a great flight even though I didn't see most of it!
  8. Rocketteer

    Sold 36" parachute

  9. hambirm2018


    Another scratch build. I call it the SBBIII HP
  10. DabCat

    4 inch Polecat Goblin Replica - Build Thread

    A few months back I put in an order for a bunch of LOC tubes and nose cones. I've had a Polecat goblin on my wishlist for quite a while now, and with the goblin drag race at ROCstock next weekend, I decided it was time to build one. I cut the body tube to 14.25 inches and used a laser cutter to...
  11. garlicsnapper

    Level 1 Certification — What would you do differently?

    I’m currently a Level 3 certified flyer with CAR-ACF (Level 2 equivalent for those in the U.S.). My oldest son is quickly approaching the age where he can go for his Level 1 certification. There’s obviously many newer kits out there than ever before. Plus the information available for...
  12. Gary Mac

    SR71 High Power Fiberglass Kit

    Years ago, I saw a large 6”(?) tube based SR71 fiberglass rocket kit for sale for several hundred dollars. Might have had a 75mm motor mount, but I haven’t seen once since. Does anyone know anything about them? I haven’t been able to find any mention of them, but I’d love to recreate one if...
  13. hambirm2018

    Great Score Launch

    A had a great launch with SCORE! Just my photos... not my rockets. It’s hard to do both!!
  14. etsakimoto

    Ring Tail Issues in RockSim

    I picked up a couple of parts from a free parts bin at my local launch, and want to build a ring tail rocket with them. My current plan has a 4 inch body tube and a 5 inch ring tail that is 1 inch long. However, I am dubious of RockSim's accuracy on the matter. Adding a ring tail to the rocket...
  15. Oscar G.

    Junior L1 build

    Hey guys, I haven't been too many places on this forum, having joined it late 2019, but because this is my largest project yet, I thought it would be a good idea to share it here, and mabye get some expert advice. It is being built on 4 inch cardboard airframe, and I plan to fly it on a Cesaroni...
  16. P

    Rocketry clubs in the Kansas City area?

    I live in the Kansas City Kansas area. I currently fly some low power rockets and quite a bit of mid-power, but I would like to get my Junior HPR Level 1 with either the NAR or TRA (whichever has a club closest to me). I am not yet old enough to drive, so the limit of my search range is however...
  17. swatkat

    Build Thread: New Mach 1 Rocketry Kit, the Nemesis! 54mm BT.

    With all the rainy weather and lack of any high power launches this year for Northern California (last one was Dec. 2018) I've had a LOT of time to build some high power birds. Hoping to have TEN new high power vehicles ready for next weekend's LUNAR launch. Steve has a few new kits and these...
  18. M

    Can AeroTech Mirage (Modified) Be Used For L2??

    I've got an AeroTech Mirage that went CATO and destroyed the lower half of the rocket. It's originally made for 2G 29mm motors but I modified it to use 3 grain without issue. Instead of just repairing it, I decided to look at upgrading it so I could get my L2 with it also. I have the stuff to...
  19. jmuck78

    LOC Hawk 7.5'' Build Thread

    I ordered the LOC Precision 7.5'' Hawk around Thanksgiving and immediately opened the box without bothering to take pictures. I have already done a few steps, such as assembling the RNWS, but I think I can still do a build thread for the bulk of the remaining steps. I have created a sim file...
  20. Ben Martin

    3D Printing Free 3D printed fin can design for HPR

    I am releasing the design file and 3D model for a fincan I design for high powered rockets. Everyone is free to use the design and change it to meet their needs. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to post them in the replies. Link to design file and 3D model...