high power scratch build

  1. LandonC

    98mm Min-Diameter Composite Mach 3 Build

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get people's opinions/tips on a "little" project that my college rocketry team is working on. Intended to test our manufacturing capabilities in hopes that the lessons learned can be applied to our much larger competition multi-stage rocket, this project is...
  2. H. Craig Miller

    ANTI-VIRUS Build Thread

    54mm Powered ANTI-VIRUS PREFACE With the onset of COVID-19 and its fallout, the interrupting supply chains and size limiting or outright cancellation of launches and other rocketry events, how can its spread be stopped? Wearing masks, social distancing, vaccines? No... with an injection... with...
  3. Oscar G.

    Junior L1 build

    Hey guys, I haven't been too many places on this forum, having joined it late 2019, but because this is my largest project yet, I thought it would be a good idea to share it here, and mabye get some expert advice. It is being built on 4 inch cardboard airframe, and I plan to fly it on a Cesaroni...
  4. gfunk

    Skelenaut Redux

    Thanks to CoyoteNumber2 for the original Skelenaut inspiration in 2015 and sharing his lessons learned! I successfully flew my own Skelenaut this Christmas. The local clubs weren't sure they wanted to let this one fly untested, luckily I have my own FAA CoA on some private Midwest farmland for...
  5. J

    alternatives to centering rings?

    designing a HPR that is as modular as possible for R&D purposes. as such, I'd rather not have to glue in any centering rings in case I need to fiddle around with/in the lower body tube, but am struggling to find alternative motor constraint methods. any resources out there or tried and true...
  6. N

    Level 1 certification

    Hi, i'm wondering if you need to use a kit for your level 1 certification or if you could build yours from scratch, also for someone who is under 18 can they sign up with an adult in charge and if so, who would be doing the exams and the building?