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  1. Samarth Barshi

    What stability is too less and too much ?

    The competition that I am participating requires a min stability of 1.5 cal during boost and to satisfy this my static margin is 2.2 cal. Is this normal? Its a 130 mm dia rocket of length 219cm with an L class SRAD motor. What stability is too much ? What factors would it depend ?
  2. Skywriter

    Four-inch High-Power Two-stage Fiberglass Nike-Apache for Sale

    SOLD This is an all composite, very high-performance kit. This is a sport scale model of the Thiokol Nike Apache. This is not an all-inclusive kit as it does not contain any recovery hardware. While the low part count and fin construction can almost place this rocket in the E2X class, don't be...
  3. O

    Stability is getting drop at before Apogee in Openrocket

    Hello, I am new at the Forum. Because of that ı don't any idea for Forum rules. Anyway. I am designing High Powered Rocket at Openrocket. Rocket flights 3.000 Meter (10.000 feet). But i have a problem with Static Margin at Apogee, when i simulated.As you can see below Graphic, my Rocket's...
  4. Oscar G.

    Junior L1 build

    Hey guys, I haven't been too many places on this forum, having joined it late 2019, but because this is my largest project yet, I thought it would be a good idea to share it here, and mabye get some expert advice. It is being built on 4 inch cardboard airframe, and I plan to fly it on a Cesaroni...
  5. L

    How to determine altitude where altimeters fail?

    So above the majority of the atmosphere, altimeters that use barometric pressure fail, so barring regulation GPS modules, that generally don't work on extremely high altitude flights, how do you determine the altitude of your flights?
  6. Magin

    Rocket assembly

    Hi guys. I have some problem with the assembly for my rocket. how should ı follow a way to assembly my rocket pieces?
  7. gfunk

    Skelenaut Redux

    Thanks to CoyoteNumber2 for the original Skelenaut inspiration in 2015 and sharing his lessons learned! I successfully flew my own Skelenaut this Christmas. The local clubs weren't sure they wanted to let this one fly untested, luckily I have my own FAA CoA on some private Midwest farmland for...
  8. BayouRat

    How I Build An All Fiberglass Rocket (A Video Tutorial)

    I'm often asked how to build these fiberglass rocket kits that come with just the fiberglass parts and no instructions. So I decided to do a video tutorial on how I build them. This kit is a 3" Bomb Pop purchased from Chris' Rocket Supply. This rocket build is suitable for an advanced Level 1 or...