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  1. T

    Hello Darling - An L1000 Submin to Mach 3 and 30,000ft.

    This thread is for putting information on this rocket out there into the TRF community. I have been documenting this thing in the r/rocketry community for the past 4 months or so, and I figured I'd make a thread here as well to share information and ideas. First off, a snapshot of the rocket...
  2. GAP

    Leave No Doubt: An M2020 to Mach 3 (ish)

    Well it has been a little over a month since I launched this thing and getting all the data with all the difficulties I have had has taken forever. But now that I finally have analyzed the data I thought I'd write up a little post detailing the flight: On July 29th 2023 at approximately 3pm...
  3. M

    Cause of RUD at Max-Q

    I'm a member of a rocketry team at Purdue University, and our team's rocket broke apart right before burnout, probably supersonic. I thought we broke a fin, but the fincan was recovered with all 4 fins still solidly attached. Any ideas on the cause of failure? Video footage, wreckage, and .ork...
  4. LandonC

    Min-Diameter Launch Lug Options

    For some context, I'm building a 98mm min-diameter carbon fiber rocket that's outlined in my build thread. I'm not 100% what launch lug options are available for these types of rockets. I've seen people build their own launch towers that don't require launch lugs for smaller-sized rockets...
  5. LandonC

    98mm Min-Diameter Composite Mach 3 Build

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get people's opinions/tips on a "little" project that my college rocketry team is working on. Intended to test our manufacturing capabilities in hopes that the lessons learned can be applied to our much larger competition multi-stage rocket, this project is...
  6. Designer Fly

    Mach1 Rockets Breaking Records?

    Who is planning a high speed / high altitude flight with one of Mach 1 Rocketry's BT60 Min Diameter Rockets? What is your set up? What (Alt/Speed) are going for?
  7. F

    Technical Detailed Rockets or Drafts

    Hello, I'm trying to look for any resources online that have technical details about high powered rockets (or amateur rockets) that contain minor details about their rockets. I am trying to build my own rocket and would like to take into consideration the material used and dimensions. For...
  8. W

    Hermes: Custom 38mm MD Build

    Welcome to my ambitious build! A little backstory: My name is Caden, I'm 18 years old and this is my first year in HPR. I've recently completed my level 2 certification and ever since I've been anxious to move onto something bigger and better (I know I'm another hot shot young guy). Below are...