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  1. C

    Where to put camera and how to get a shot of the ground at apogee

    Tldr: How would you do, fast rocket goes high makes it harder. I want to make a L2 rocket that goes up to a high altitude and has a video feed that includes the ground so that I can calculate the altitude about ground and compare it to apogee data from barometer and altimeter. My goal is at...
  2. GAP

    High Altitude BP Charges

    I'm planning to fly around 50,000 ft this Summer. I know at this altitude regular BP containment methods don't work. I know aluminum style charge cannons will work (Nic L and Jim Jarvis), but they would be difficult to integrate into my avbay and recovery bay design. Thus, I have been looking...
  3. 1

    Level 1Recommendations

    Hi all! I have always loved rocketry and have been part of my high schools rocketry class going on my second year. I have built multiple f motor rockets for TARC competitions last year as well as small kits using d motors. My shop teacher is wanting people in the class who have some experience...
  4. R

    I want to get into high altitude mid-power rocketry, and I have a few questions that I need answers to.

    My first question regards the next rocket I plan to build, which is the Estes Star Orbiter. I am going to modify it into a two stage rocket, the booster stage being 3D printed. And I will use an Estes F15-0 and an F15-8. If the projected altitude with one engine is around 1800 feet, how high...
  5. Anthony Claiborne

    Streamer recovery

    What's the heaviest rocket you have recovered successfully by streamer? What material and construction techniques did you use? What was the highest altitude you achieved recovering this rocket by streamer?
  6. Designer Fly

    Mach1 Rockets Breaking Records?

    Who is planning a high speed / high altitude flight with one of Mach 1 Rocketry's BT60 Min Diameter Rockets? What is your set up? What (Alt/Speed) are going for?
  7. W

    Hermes: Custom 38mm MD Build

    Welcome to my ambitious build! A little backstory: My name is Caden, I'm 18 years old and this is my first year in HPR. I've recently completed my level 2 certification and ever since I've been anxious to move onto something bigger and better (I know I'm another hot shot young guy). Below are...