help needed

  1. M

    BAMA Chutes contact

    Hello, My bamachutes order was cancelled and I have got an email that I will get refund on credit card in 5-10 days, but there is a problem - I do not have that credit card and access to the bank account. I wanted to contact with BAMA, but their site and everything is down. The money I've paid...
  2. Ryanblox

    Help me find this model rockets name!

  3. Q

    Help the growing passion for rockets in Costa Rica

    Hello everybody I belong to a group of students currently undergoing our studies in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering at the University of Costa Rica. We have been involved with Aerospace activities as active members of the Aerospace Engineering Group (GIA)...
  4. J

    Bottle Rocket Project [Help]

    Hello! I’m currently doing a project for my Science class. Basically, we have to design a rocket from water bottles and try to make it have the most airtime. This includes from the time it launches to when it falls on the ground, parachute deployed and all. I’ve done a lot of research but...
  5. Adi Shmerling

    Possibility of 3D printed rocket components

    Hey guys, this is my first post here and my first excursion into model rocketry, so if you have any resources you think would help me out, let me know! I've wanted to build a small-sized rocket since a few summers ago, but only now am I actually considering going through with the task in a...
  6. S

    Experiment help

    Hey everyone, Being an IB student requires one to write a 4000 word essay on a subject of your preference. Mine is physics. So, I wisely decided to conduct an experiment based on model rocketry; namely potassium nitrate and sugar rockets, but dry compacted like Grant Thompson does it in the...