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  1. jepawi

    Determination of orientation

    Hi everyone Im new to this forum so i hope i do everything right. I'm a mechanical enginnering student and currently working on a rocket with some collegues. Our ultimate goal is to build an active-stabelized rocket using fin-control. We're struggeling with the determination of the orientation...
  2. R

    Help with eggfinder hand held tracker

    I recently bought a eggfinder hand held tracker, and have soldered all the parts on. It seemed fine till I tried to turn it on, and it did not come to life. If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciate, as I don’t fully know how to trouble shoot things like this.
  3. M

    BAMA Chutes contact

    Hello, My bamachutes order was cancelled and I have got an email that I will get refund on credit card in 5-10 days, but there is a problem - I do not have that credit card and access to the bank account. I wanted to contact with BAMA, but their site and everything is down. The money I've paid...
  4. C

    Dual Deploy from a Single Compartment Questions

    Hey everyone, I'm the project lead for the CU SRL's Obsidian rocket and for our flight we will be using a dual deploy system from a single compartment. We have some design problems that we are currently trying to figure out and are hoping y'all could give some thoughts/tips. To give some...
  5. V

    Fastest Place to Get L585

    Hello, My rocketry design team, do to a couple of failures, needs another Cesaroni L585 motor by March 29th for a competition. Everywhere we have looked is out of stock. However, this is the entire teams' first time building a rocket (trying to start a new design team at school), so it is very...
  6. Miles Goodson

    Mid Powered tube rocket?

    So I built a Mid powered rocket, an dit looks like it's going to fly really well. (I have yet to fly) I had some extra tube, and so I built a replica of the same rocket, but with tube fins. I hope to just be able to swap the nosecone out and fly them both on the same day. I did not know how...
  7. J

    KNSB Rocket Motor Nozzle

    Hi, I visited the site of Nakka Rocketry and tried to use an excel document to figure out the best shaped nozzle for my rocket, but it didn't work for some reason. Here are my rocket motor specs, maybe you can help me out with how to get the best nozzle design? - Motor case: 3/4 inch PVC...
  8. J

    Bottle Rocket Project [Help]

    Hello! I’m currently doing a project for my Science class. Basically, we have to design a rocket from water bottles and try to make it have the most airtime. This includes from the time it launches to when it falls on the ground, parachute deployed and all. I’ve done a lot of research but...
  9. R

    Launching a Pro Series II Prowler Rocket, Am I On The Right Track?

    Hey there, I'm new to the forums and had a question for ya'll. I flew basic rockets from Estes when I was younger but now that I'm getting back into it, I was thinking about picking up the Estes Pro Series 11 Prowler. I wanted a rocket that goes high, and it advertises 3,000 ft with the...
  10. Interstellar

    Tips and Guidelines for Aerodynamic Stability?

    I've been designing a simple one stage rocket with OpenRocket, which allows the user to design and simulate their designs. I was always told that a general rule of thumb for a rockets stability is that the center of gravity should be 1-2 calibers above the center of pressure. With this rule...
  11. U

    Ready To Fly Rocket ?

    Hello Everyone I have 3 simple questions is a ready to fly rocket a good to way to start and learn ?? and what is better (more powerful) engine A or B or C ?? and what launchpad do you suggest (if you can send a link pleas)?
  12. F

    Technical Detailed Rockets or Drafts

    Hello, I'm trying to look for any resources online that have technical details about high powered rockets (or amateur rockets) that contain minor details about their rockets. I am trying to build my own rocket and would like to take into consideration the material used and dimensions. For...
  13. F

    High Power Rockets

    Hello, I am looking for a professional that can help me with some guidance, tips and tutorials while I start my first high power rocket build. I am willing to pay per hour or lessons (or whatever you prefer). If you are interested, please message me or email me. Thanks. **If this is not...
  14. Tbmx3

    Nike Smoke

    My son and I recently finished the Madcow 2.6 fiberglass Nike Smoke. Fiberglass is fun and easy to work with (once we got past the squaring of the tube, the filing and the sanding). It finished really nice. It comes with a 38mm mount. I'd like to start smaller though and have since ordered a...