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    Where to put camera and how to get a shot of the ground at apogee

    Tldr: How would you do, fast rocket goes high makes it harder. I want to make a L2 rocket that goes up to a high altitude and has a video feed that includes the ground so that I can calculate the altitude about ground and compare it to apogee data from barometer and altimeter. My goal is at...
  2. I

    My first rocket

    Hey,im Ivan. A beginer in this hoby. I need help is this normal ? ---> If not,please help me fix this rocket
  3. M

    Cause of RUD at Max-Q

    I'm a member of a rocketry team at Purdue University, and our team's rocket broke apart right before burnout, probably supersonic. I thought we broke a fin, but the fincan was recovered with all 4 fins still solidly attached. Any ideas on the cause of failure? Video footage, wreckage, and .ork...
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    Rocket with a Cake Attached

    Hello all, so I know this is probably the most super random request any of you have ever received. But I'm going to go for it anyways- I am participating in a worldwide scavenger hunt called GISH where participants join together in teams to scavenge for "items". These tasks are often weird and...