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  1. Sleestak

    HED on a 7.5" Loc V2?

    I am looking to drag the largest box off of my build pile, finally. I am wondering if it is possible to do HED with the RNWS in place? Otherwise, is there a better or different option for dual deploy on this airframe?
  2. Zeke Johnson


    >>>---------> I wanted to give @Flyfalcons props for his HED setup video. It took me a while to get my HEAD wrapped around HED. He posted a great video on setting up Head End Deployment on a Wildman Punisher 3. Head-End Dual Deploy setup with Wildman Punisher 3 After watching this video, it...
  3. PBic

    Heavy Nose Cone HED Shear Pin # Question?

    I’m looking for some advise on the number of nose cone shear pins to use for a rocket with a heavy nose cone in a HED configuration. It’s a 4” rocket with a 29” NC. The nose cone alone weighs 27.37oz, and the parachute, blanket, shock cord and quick link add another 22.22oz, for a total of...