heavy wall centering rings

  1. Scott Chase

    Chemist Abdul Razzak on JB weld metal Motor mount epoxy

    I want to secure my motor mount in my project rocket. It has a Radio Frequency transmitter mounted in the cargo bay. I wanted to use the JB Weld original epoxy for the centering rings. The problem I think I'll have is interference from the metal that is in the JB Weld. Is there another epoxy...
  2. Scott Chase

    Rocketry Works Thick Wall Centering Rings And Thick Wall MMT

    I was looking thru my small box of parts and found a Rocketry Works Motor mount. The centering rings are for their thick wall MMT. This motor mount is extremely strong. Just have a look at the thickness of the tube. This motor can handle anything in the 29mm F and G class. The mount was for a...