hd video

  1. Alby

    RunCam Split 4 4k

    I've got a RunCam Split 4 4k up forsale. This little camera just can't be beat when it comes to onboard model rocket videos. You will need to supply this camera with 5v, so if you plan to use a v3.3 LiPo Battery, you'll likely need to use a voltage booster. The booster I used was the Adafruit...
  2. OverTheTop

    Four-Camera HD Video Camera Mount (3D printed)

    I wanted a camera mount to hold four HD video cameras on my Velociraptor so I can see what the fins are doing during flight on the VTS (and perhaps get some other cool footage). So I jumped onto SolidWorks and sketched up something and then threw it in the print queue. After printing in ABS...