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  1. Mr G

    38/1320 hardware usage

    There is only one Aerotech reload for the for 38/1320 hardware, the J510. Everyone who has reported, praises the motor. But how many J510s do you burn? Or do you use adapters for 38/1080 and 38/720 reloads to expand the usefulness of the hardware? Or did you buy the case just so you had a full...
  2. GaryT

    Wanted WANTED! 75/3840 Motor Compete:

    Anyone have an Aerotech, Dr. Rockets, Rouse-tech, Monster Motor Works 75/3840 Motor compete with Forward and Aft Closures and seal disk? let me know if you have one in great shape. Thanks Gary T.
  3. kevindcornwell

    SOLD AT/Dr. Rocket RMS 75/2560 casing

    75/2560 Aerotech/Dr. Rocket motor casing. Bought used, never used myself. Case only, no closures or FSD. In excellent condition. $75 + shipping and it's yours.
  4. UPscaler

    SOLD LDRS 38 or Bust!!

    Some of you may know that I shoot videos of high power rockets, and I have been planning on trekking to Argonia for LDRS all year. After a recent event I am left with two damaged cameras, and car troubles that are going to require me to fly and rent a car. Without rolling out the pity party too...
  5. jd2cylman

    Imperial vs. Metric

    I'll start this since part of this discussion is clogging up the funny thread. As a mechanic for a company that's global (New Holland Construction), I have to deal with this all the time. Heck, some machines have metric and standard (our term for Imperial) on the same unit. NH engines are all...
  6. PeterP

    Favor needed for SEARS Launch

    Hey all! I have a big favor to ask of anyone attending the SEARS launch tomorrow, Saturday, April 13. We are a SEDS chapter from Tennessee Tech and are building a rocket for IREC this summer. Tomorrow is our scheduled test launch with SEARS in Samson, AL. However, we just realized the 98mm motor...
  7. B

    Rocket Software Tips/Advice

    Hey Rocketeers, I'm on a mission to write some software to control a small thrust vectoring mount. I need some tips and advice for writing flight software. Anyone know any good books videos or anything to help me on this quest??? Thanks!!!