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  1. B

    Camera and Gps Tracking Interferance

    Has anyone had any issues with a camera, specifically the Mobius interfering with gps tracking? I see they sell a shrouded cover to reduce gps interference but didn't know if that was necessary with rocketry gps at 900 MHz
  2. lowga

    Eggfinder LCD Question

    I own a Eggtimer GPS system (900 MHz) that I purchased assembled from another rocketeer. The receiver is mounted in a case, and currently has version 1.09e of the firmware. Looks like I need to update that. The board is marked REV A2. I have no idea what the purpose of the daughter board below...
  3. Mbuzz49

    What is everyone using for a GPS?

    Hi all!! I am currently looking for a "cheaper" GPS system for my model rockets. I have seen plenty of "cheap" trackers on amazon however, they all require a monthly service fee which I want to stay clear from. The ones that don't have a service fee cost hundreds of dollars.. I am looking for...
  4. Nytrunner

    New tracker from Apogee?

    A club member posted the new Apogee newsletter, and the only thing that really caught my attention over lunch was their new Simple GPS unit. It's got a 4x AA self contained receiver with readout, a transmitter that looks like it runs on a 9v, says "2 mile range", and operates on non-HAM bands...