1. Upsrocketman

    Build Thread Wildman Goblin 4

    I already have too many projects to count, but Wildman posted a 4" Goblin kit a while back and I could not pass it up. I recieved the kit a few weeks back and decided to start building it so I could have it ready for LDRS in July. First things first, all of the parts got a bath to get rid of...
  2. Fattbank64

    Sold Two LOC Precision Kits

    I'm selling some of the kits in the build pile mountain. One 4-inch EZI-65 is $102, including shipping. This kit is unopened. SOLD One 4-inch Goblin is $102, including shipping. This kit has been opened, but no parts are missing. SOLD The buyer should submit payment via PayPal Goods &...
  3. R3verb

    Help me choose my L1 cert rocket! (Super DX3 vs Goblin vs Zephyr)

    Hey All, I'm finally taking the leap and going for my L1 cert. My model rocket history has been on and off but I'm finally ready to go for it. I've been doing model rockets ever since I was a little kid and my dad and I would build Estes kits. Last year I bought a few new Estes kits and...
  4. DabCat

    4 inch Polecat Goblin Replica - Build Thread

    A few months back I put in an order for a bunch of LOC tubes and nose cones. I've had a Polecat goblin on my wishlist for quite a while now, and with the goblin drag race at ROCstock next weekend, I decided it was time to build one. I cut the body tube to 14.25 inches and used a laser cutter to...
  5. hambirm2018

    Great Score Launch

    A had a great launch with SCORE! Just my photos... not my rockets. It’s hard to do both!!
  6. lowga

    NASA Discovers strange new "Goblin World"

    For those who've missed the story, it's fascinating. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/02/science/goblin-planet-nine.html Even more amazing are the recently released photographs of the small planet.
  7. R

    Finding Open Rocket Sim files on the Forum?

    Hi, Everyone what's up! :D Puns intended...lol....I'm new to the forum. Where can I find OpenRocket Sims for an Estes Goblin? Thx