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  1. U

    1/2 A Glider Duration

    Hi, I am going to enter a 1/2 A impulse glider duration contest at a local club launch. The rules allow either rocket gliders or boost gliders. I am new to gliders, so any tips would be helpful. Thanks! Rules
  2. dvdsnyd

    Clone Crusader Swing Wing Introduction and gauge of interest for a kit

    Alright, I've waffled over this for long enough... Over the last couple years I've been slowly putting together a Crusader Swing Wing clone. Originally designed by Estes in the late 1980's, and only in the catalog for a couple years. My dad had one when I was a young lad that I was obsessed...
  3. BremoSupremo

    Rocket Paraglider - Flying A Traditional High Power Rocket Back to You!

    So I may be new to this forum but I am not new to rocketry. With that in mind I cam up for this concept of what I like to call "active recovery" where the parachute is controlled in some way. The idea here is that after being inspired by an Radio controlled paraglider I saw, why not incorporate...
  4. M

    Stratus gale boom warp, any advice?

    I got about 3/4 the way through my stratus gale from apogee and realized my wing doesn't slide now due to warping of the main boom. Just as an aside I did check the boom and when I opened the package it was straight, veeeery slightly bent as I assembled but everything moved fine. Last night I...
  5. Alan R

    Multi-Roc 36 hour build

    Get an email from my friend on Tuesday afternoon saying "hey... the weekend looks good, lets go launch Saturday." Our field isn't huge, but plenty big enough for a D-motor. I start digging around my stuff. Still packed in the box after the last launch. I shoot an email back, "sounds good. I've...
  6. R

    Recovery using Lifting-Body Design

    Please note, I will be posting information on this project when I have more information. Please don't respond to this thread at this time. Thank you. Richard I want to develop a small lifting body design. Initially balloon or rocket lifted during development and controlled to...
  7. Micro Knight

    Sold Hobby Labs SR-71 BLACKBIRD Rocket Powered R/C Glider NEW

    I purchased the kit when they were first released because it was an awesome design, but never had time to play Never been assemble or flown Its a BIG box, so that may delay shipping an extra day or so as I get a proper fitting shipping box. R/C version (radio included, flight electronic...
  8. Jonathan 7

    NX Kuiper RLV B (Rocket Launch/Lift Vehicle) - Newbie Input

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and would love any input, comments, and/or suggestions for improving my Rocket (my first scratch build). It has multiple configurations, including lifting/launching a glider at apogee. I would love to make it cooler! It is a two stage Rocket with an optional third...
  9. Rktman

    RumbleBee-C Build

    Gotta admit I was kind of intrigued with the idea of a BG that used a Vector Pod (angled up) to get the glider to boost straight, and I was looking for a larger, sturdy 18mm flier after building primarily 13mm models. So I decided to give the RumbleBee-C a try, especially since it’s a 4X...