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  1. RalPh8

    Wow. Marco Polo is amazing

    So I know I'm not the first and definitely won't be the last but if you havent tried the Marco Polo tracker yet for your rockets... then you're missing out! As far as bang for your buck It's got to be the best tracker in it's price range that is turn key ready. I launched a LOC Aura on a G74...
  2. RalPh8

    Recommendations to fix aerotech G force

    My Aerotech G force took a nose dive today due to my fault. I hadn’t flown it in 5 years and forgot it came with a heat dissipating metal sponge and baffle. I loaded dog barf and sent it on it’s merry way with a G74. It went up beautifully but didn’t have enough force to pop open and ate it big...