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  1. Daniel Maloney

    Best Fuel for Absolute Starter.

    What is a good fuel for a complete beginner rocket? One that can just be easily burned as a test motor. It will not be on a rocket so umm yeah...
  2. M

    How to use Liquid fuel in a standard model rocket

    For a project for my world history class, I'm supposed to complete standards about the progression of technology and the development of rockets and nuclear warheads. My plan was to build three. One for the types of fuel during the cold war (still working on) 1 for between the cold war and the...
  3. J

    KNSB Rocket Motor Nozzle

    Hi, I visited the site of Nakka Rocketry and tried to use an excel document to figure out the best shaped nozzle for my rocket, but it didn't work for some reason. Here are my rocket motor specs, maybe you can help me out with how to get the best nozzle design? - Motor case: 3/4 inch PVC...
  4. Lukun7

    Larger 13mm motors?

    I have some Estes A10 engines that I want to fly in a custom rocket to have a high launch in a tiny rocket, so I was wondering if there are larger 13mm motors that can be classified as Bs or Cs, so if you know of any where could I get them or how could I make them with homemade rocket fuel...
  5. A

    Pressurize fuel tank with compressed air

    Hello folks! My father and I are starting the design and production of a rocket engine following this design guide ( HOW to DESIGN, BUILD and TEST SMALL LIQUID-FUEL ROCKET ENGINES - ISBN: 9600-1980-4) and we have some doubts about the design that maybe could be answered with your help. The...