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  1. D

    Wanted Estes Spin Control Rocket

    Does anybody have one of these rockets built or not they'd be willing to part ways with? I wanted to do some spin control rocket experiments with my kids.
  2. kwrocket

    Wanted 5.5" nose cone

    I'm in need of 5.5" nose cone. preferably plastic and used. Fiberglass is OK. working on a bare bones project, used parts and scraps. not wanting to invest too much in this build. Thanks Ed
  3. M

    FOUND 98mm 6XL Cesaroni Motor Case

    Looking for a Cesaroni Gen 1 or Gen 2 Motor Case in 98mm 6XL size. With or without other hardware (rings, nozzle holder, fore end closure). Okay if its previously flown, but no structural problems please.
  4. Mike Nixon

    FOUND HyperTek reloads and motor system

    Looking for 400cc or 800cc tank and bell.